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Weight Loss – Permanent Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Does This Sound Familiar?

You really want to lose weight. You know all the reasons you should lose weight. You really want to get in better shape. You want to take better care of yourself. You are sick of looking in the mirror and seeing yourself fat and out of shape. You are tired of huffing and puffing when you walk. You are tired of not fitting into your clothes. You are sick and tired of being tired all the time and you no longer feel attractive. Hypnosis for weight loss may be your answer!

You’ve Tried To Lose Weight.

You’ve tried every imaginable diet pill, crazy diet, starvation method and exercise gadgets to lose weight – and failed. Or you lost the weight only to gain it back. And, even more, sometimes. You’ve become discouraged, disheartened and depressed. You’ve even considered liposuction and gastric bypass surgery. You feel like a hopeless case.

Don’t Give Up!

The real key to success with weight loss is to stop trying to lose weight. Instead focus on a goal that is positive rather than negative.

Nobody wants to lose. We want to gain. Nobody wants to be thought of as a Loser. We want to be thought of as a Winner. When you lose something you go looking for it. If you lost your wallet or your purse you’d go looking for it, wouldn’t you?


HERE IS THE SECRET: Focus on what you want to gain not what you want to lose!


What are you really trying to gain?

  • Better health
  • Supercharged vitality
  • Soaring self-esteem
  • Drop-dead good looks
  • A high state of fitness
  • Total confidence in yourself

That’s what most of the people we talk to really want to gain.

Once you know what you want in positive terms then the key is to look inward and change your belief system and your mental programming. Then you can achieve what you want.

It’s like a battle is going on within your mind. One part of you KNOWS you should lose weight FOR YOUR HEALTH & SURVIVAL but another part of you WON’T LET YOU. The part that won’t let you is the subconscious. Hypnosis goes directly to the subconscious and modifies it – only then is change truly possible.

Bunny Vreeland’s program uses the most powerful mind programming technique ever developed…hypnotherapy and she uses it in a positive way to help you become lean, healthy, strong, physically fit and attractive.

When you change your belief system you’ll walk, talk, eat, dress and live like the leaner, healthier, stronger, more physically fit and more attractive person you want yourself to be.

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For high-quality, safe, and affordable hypnotherapy, contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland today at (805) 482-8111.  Dr. Bunny serves the areas of Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Oak View.

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Thank you, Bunny Vreeland, for enabling me to break through the weight plateau that I had been stuck on for over two years.”  Don Williams Don@WardlowInsurance.com


“Originally I contacted Bunny Vreeland to help me, through the process of hypnosis, to overcome what I considered an addition to sugar. My level of addiction was impacting my ability to eat in a healthy manner. I had put on weight and it was affecting my overall outlook on life and self- esteem.  Through the professionalism and expertise Bunny applies to her hypnotherapy I was able to set goals and effortlessly lose unwanted and unhealthy pounds. Because of her approach and genuine caring I also found a new level of self-esteem and with it I gained anew insight which impacted my outlook on life.  There is a quiet, sincere quality about Bunny Vreeland that instills confidence and creates a positive, light-hearted determination in her clients. Beyond her credentials, which speak for themselves, I can sincerely testify to the positive effectiveness and reinforcement that she had brought to me. I highly recommend Image Resource Center and Bunny Vreeland.”  Doris Ransom


So, I went to Bunny originally for smoking. I stopped smoking and lost a couple pounds while I was quitting. Then, I went back to lose more weight. I lost 22 pounds. Then, I sent my wife for her weight. She sent her friend, Tracy. Then, Tracy’s daughter went. Between all of us, we have lost over 200 pounds! We feel like Bunny is part of our family, now.  Bob Greenboro

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