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Now located at 473 Post St. (at the corner of Willis) in Camarillo, CA in the Voiceboard building.

With over 20 years experience, Dr. Bunny Vreeland has helped thousands of clients.

I’m Dr. Bunny Vreeland. They call me ‘Dr. Bunny’. I am a board certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist. I help people lose weight, stop smoking, and get over phobias like Fear of Flying, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Dentists, and Test Anxiety to name a few. I help with some health issues. I help people improve their lives. And, I love knowing that I had a part in your passing the DMV test or improving your golf handicap. And, it is our secret!

Why do I do this?

Because I used to have some of the same issues that I help my clients with. I was a high-school drop out, and, through Hypnotherapy, found the Success Motivation tools to continue to until I had my Ph.D.

I did it and so can you!

On the day I received my Ph.D. my friend, Robert Furgeson, had invited me to be one of the speakers at his Diet Free Life seminar at the Ventura College. I told him that I had just received the certificate. He went right up to the microphone and introduced me as, “Dr. Bunny.” That was how I got the name and, now, everyone calls me, Dr. Bunny.

I used to suffer from Migraine Headaches and allergies. There were times when I would be in such pain from the headaches that I would pass out. And, I was allergic to everything – cats, roses (ROSES, I LOVE roses!) dust mites (do you have any idea how many dust mites there are in a pillow?), mold, mildew, grass. I went to a lot of doctors who couldn’t find the ‘cause’ and couldn’t ‘cure’ me. I tried everything – all kinds of pills, potions and, even, shots. I was a walking zombie most of the time.

One day I was standing in line at a Barnes and Noble, waiting to pay, when I noticed a ‘relaxation tape’ that promised to reduce stress. It was titled, ‘STRESSED’ by a man named Mark Russell. I had never heard of Mark Russell.  I bought the tape, started listening to it and, after a while, I noticed that I hadn’t had an allergic reaction or a headache although I didn’t know what happened or why. I met Mark Russell after I had been listening to the tape for a few months. He told me that this tape was a Hypnotherapy tape.

I got rid of all the allergies and headaches and so can you!

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