Nov 2009

That’s right. You can stop smoking with hypnosis.

No matter how much you smoke…or how long you’ve been smoking…you can stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, cravings or weight gain.

You have TRIED to stop smoking, haven’t you? Perhaps have TRIED the “nicotine patches”, the “nicotine gum”, the “inhalers” or the pills. You may have TRIED counseling, group programs…or maybe you attempted to tough it out and go “cold turkey”.

When you TRIED to quit did it feel like there was a battle going on inside of you?

One part of you…KNOWS you should stop smoking FOR YOUR HEALTH & SURVIVAL…while another part of you…simply won’t let you!

Because the subconscious is stronger than the conscious you felt like a battle was raging on inside of you. Perhaps you felt anxiety, irritability, anger, rage, hatred, depression, sadness, a feeling of loss, or a sense of being out of control. Perhaps you began to eat everything in sight. Because those feelings were so uncomfortable you went back to smoking. Didn’t you?
The part of you that wouldn’t let you stop smoking is your subconscious mind. You can’t change your subconscious by force of will. You can do it with help. The right kind of help.

Hypnosis creates a powerful reaction in the subconscious mind. Hypnotic suggestions modify your subconscious programming…making it easy for anyone to stop smoking.

Hypnosis Can Help You Quit Smoking

Hypnosis diminishes the power that nicotine has to make you want to smoke.

Hypnosis makes you comfortable…helps eliminate the cravings…and smoothes the rough emotional edges…and helps you quit without gaining weight or feeling anxious.

You’ll no longer think of yourself as a smoker…you’ll start to think of yourself as a non-smoker. Non-smokers don’t purchase tobacco, nor do they smoke. Non-smokers don’t touch cigarettes. They don’t want anything to do with smoking.

Hypnosis help to soothe your senses and relax your nerves. It calms and relaxes you. The suggestions encourage you and motivate you to eat right…so you don’t gain weight. The suggestions encourage you to exercise. They aid in the healing process your body goes through after all your years of smoking. Hypnosis does great things to reduce stress.

Give the program a fair try. If you don’t agree that it is worth many times more than you paid for it, send back the program and we’ll write your refund check on the spot. This is your opportunity to change for the better and start to live a clean, fresh healthy life.

You’ll save at least one thousand dollars each year…money you can do what ever you want with. Do it for your children…for your family…for your friends…above all do it for yourself.

Order the Stop Smoking Program today and begin a new, healthier smoke-free life.For high-quality, safe, and affordable hypnotherapy, contact Bunny today! 805-984-1237 or 800-755-4083.

“Once again, I thought I was coming here to learn how to quit smoking. Yes, I did quit. And I learned WHY I smoked. I was addicted to those reasons as much as the cigs.”
Charlene Sargent

“My dentist told me to go to Bunny to stop chewing tobacco. I think I was one of her worst challenges. I am in construction and everyone I work with chews. Bunny said she would work with me until I stopped and she did.”
Ed Mendelson

“I went to a group Stop Smoking session at a local hotel where a hypnotist promised we would quit. My daughter went with me and she did stop. But I didn’t. Then, I went to Bunny and I stopped smoking after 3 sessions. So, now, both my daughter and I are non-smokers.”
Ruth Luppas

“Thank you, Bunny, for helping me with my smoking habit. Listening to your CD at night also helped me to relax and sleep better than I have for years”.
Ruth Harris
Ventura, CA

“I have smoked for almost 30 years, and I never thought I could quit. I tried everything. Patches, gum and even the shots! I didn’t think this would work, either, but I was desperate. I am amazed. It has been 2 years and I haven’t had a cigarette. I can’t believe it! This works!”
Mary Sperling
Ventura, CA

“I first went to Bunny to quit smoking, which I did after 3 sessions. When I discovered she works with IBS I was excited because I have been suffering with IBS since I lived in Puerto Rico. After 4 sessions my symptoms were 90% under control and now I have had no symptoms for over a year. And, I haven’t had a cigarette, either.”
Mona Rae
Santa Barbara, CA

“Great News! Smoke free on my second week and no problems. I have never lasted 2 days without a cigarette, let alone 2 weeks!”
Tim McCarthy
Camarillo, CA

“After smoking for 30 years and trying to quit on my own numerous times, I have finally become smoke-free, thanks to Bunny Vreeland.”
Michelle Briley
Ojai, CA

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