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I recently got a phone call from a client in North Carolina. She was getting ready to take a test and needed some hypnotherapy help. She’d heard that hypnotherapy can help with all kinds of test taking – including the bar exam, DMV, pilot certification, etc. So we did a session over the phone and she passed the test – after failing it twice before!

Some of my clients call me from other areas – different states, or even different countries for hypnotherapy assistance, because they can’t come to my office in person.Think about it… if you’re sitting in my office in a big comfortable chair, listening to my voice, it’s not much different than sitting in your own home, in a comfortable chair, listening to my voice. All you need is a telephone with a speaker or headphones, and a quiet place to sit or recline for about 45 minutes.

If your location doesn’t allow you a convenient office visit, or you’re too busy to come see me in my office in Camarillo, CA, consider the convenience of a hypnotherapy phone session to help you with any issues you may be struggling with.

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