Jul 2011

Did you know that Hypnotherapy can be your key to optimum health and wellness?

Hypnotherapy has become widely used to control pain, reduce stress and assist in healing. The American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and the British Medical Association studies have shown that hypnosis can be a valuable tool when dealing with a wide range of medical issues.

The mind/body connection is not a new concept. It’s history dates back, at least, to ancient Greece where physicians recognized and explored the synergistic links between the mind and body. Part of the mind’s effect on health is direct and conscious.

The other part of the mind that acts directly on the body without any awareness on our part is called the subconscious.

Through the use of Hypnotherapy, the therapist helps empower the client to achieve the desired Health and Wellness goals. When patients enter an advanced state of relaxation under Hypnotherapy, they allow the therapist to work with them, through their subconscious mind, to create the changes they desire. The therapist guides the client, who can accept or reject anything that the therapist says. While hypnotized, you will not do anything that you would not ordinarily do.

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