What is Hypnotherapy? (Mind Coaching)


For many people the word ‘Hypnosis’ is associated with mystery and apprehension.  Some even think it involves the loss of consciousness. Nothing could be further from the truth. A person in hypnosis is profoundly relaxed and mentally very alert.

Some people think Hypnotherapy involves the loss of consciousness. Nothing could be further from the truth. A person in hypnosis is profoundly relaxed and mentally very alert. Hypnosis is a 100% consent state. No one can keep you under hypnosis against your will.

During a Hypnotherapy session a client will find that their conscious mind relaxed, allowing positive suggestion to enter the subconscious mind, like a computer recording everything.

Our habits, behaviors and thought patterns are stored in the subconscious mind and can be changed to more positive patterns through hypnosis. Through the use of hypnosis we are able to access the subconscious computer and reprogram ourselves. Hypnosis is a 100% consent state!

Bunny Vreeland’s Hypnotherapy sessions can help you in many areas, such as:

Quitting Smoking
Self Esteem
Stage Fright
Fear of Heights
Fear of Flying
Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Doctors/Dentists
Weight Elimination & Control
Self Confidence
Study Habits
Sports and Competition
Reducing Stress
Fear of Taking Tests
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
and Many other Fears and Phobias


Hypnosis FAQs

For high-quality, safe, and affordable hypnotherapy, contact Dr. Bunny today!


I thank you Dr. Bunny. You helped me a few years ago when I went through gallbladder surgery and my troubles with anesthesia. It was your genuine concern and gentle, loving therapy that has made my surgery recoveries much more tolerable. My recent surgery (3 weeks ago) went so well, as did the anesthesia, and recovery is going along smoothly. With your therapy I had an amazing and remarkably easy post anesthesia recovery. So, today I thank you!  – Lulu Bravo


Dr. Bunny is effective and worth every penny!!! Why? Because YOU are worth every penny and you should invest in yourself in a healthy way! – Angela Curtis


Dr Bunny is an amazing practitioner! If she tells you she can help you, you can take that to the bank! I truly believe there is nothing she cannot accomplish. Bunny is a truly caring, loving and loyal person, highly ethical and generous to a fault.  – Diane Boyko Achatz


“I went to Bunny to quit smoking. She helped me with that and I lost a few pounds. I wanted to lose more weight so we worked on that. I lost over 40 pounds. Then, I asked her to help me with my golf score. My handicap went from a 22 to a 14! I really appreciate Bunny and what she has done to help me to improve my life.”

Bob Taylor
Owner Channel Islands Data Supply
Keller Williams
Chairman of the Board


For years I was afraid to fly. After 9/11 I refused to fly. I drove or took a train. But, I had to fly to Hawaii and my periodontist suggested that I see Bunny for hypnosis. He referred her to his clients who smoked. So I made an appointment. She walked me through my flight a couple times and I was able to fly to Hawaii and home with no problem. I still don’t love to fly but I can do it, now, and that is a really big improvement in my life.
Thank you!
Angela Jurgensson


We took our son, Mark, to Bunny for severe nail biting. In 3 sessions, his hands were much better and now his nails were all grown out. It has been over 6 months with no biting at all.
Matt and Kim Whitcomb


My golf handicap went down from an 18 to a 12 with Bunny’s hypnosis.
Ivan Williams


“After smoking for 30 years and trying to quit on my own numerous times, I have finally become smoke-free, thanks to Bunny Vreeland. Her comprehensive program makes use of hypnotherapy along with a pre-session conditioning process and post session support. I recommend Bunny without reservation to anyone dealing with challenges of smoking cessation, weight loss, or any issue that hypnotherapy can address.”

Michele Briley, Briley Communications, Ojai, CA


I have worked with Bunny on personal and professional issues. I was impressed at how quickly she was able to get to the core of the issue and help me get past it. She also taught me self-hypnosis, which I now use on a daily basis.
Karen O’Neill


“My office is happy to refer Bunny Vreeland to our patients for such issues as Fear of Dentists (phobias), Smoking Cessation, Weight Management and Stress. We recommend Bunny with complete confidence and highly recommend her.”
Dr. Jeffrey N. Trester
500 E. Esplanade Dr.
Suite 1150
Oxnard CA 93030


“I have worked with several hypnotherapists over the years, but found Bunny to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, and her CDs are truly amazing. If you’ve never tried hypnotherapy, you are in for a real treat, as Bunny takes it to a whole new high tech level, complete with the most comfortable chair I’ve ever experienced as well as state of the art headsets in her sessions! You won’t be disappointed.”
Pliny Mier
Troop Real Estate, Inc


“Bunny Vreeland’s hypnotherapy sessions gave me back my ability to control my emotions and get my belief in myself back. Through a traumatic event some years ago, I lost my self-esteem and my social skills. Although I went to therapy for a few years, I finally got present only after going to Bunny. She was able to do what no amount of therapy had.”
Ernie G. (full name withheld by request)
Long Beach. CA


“I came to Bunny extremely tired, as I had not been able to sleep much the previous night. I have suffered from insomnia for years. It was not long before I was able to relax, focus and concentrate on Bunny’s every word. She’s very soothing and easy to listen to. I now sleep at least 6 hours every night. You can’t imagine how much better I view life, now.
Gina Brady


When I had an upcoming operation I called Bunny to help with pre-surgery stress and then, after the surgery she helped with pain reduction. I noticed my recovery was faster and in the past and I had very little pain. I won’t say that I look forward to surgery now, but it sure made it easier and gentler. I didn’t take any drugs or pain pills and did beautifully.
Rev. Marilyn Miller


My doctor sent me to Bunny for stress and other issues that were controlling my life. Bunny got to the bottom of the problems and showed me how to handle the stress.
Dave Gardener


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