May 2010

Dr. Bunny’s Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD is available now at:


Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Let Dr. Bunny Vreeland help you lose weight and keep it off. These sessions are downloadable now, so you can start immediately!

You will get the best results when listening to each session for five consecutive days, first thing in the morning or at bedtime allowing yourself to relax and absorb each session.

So many people have benefited by listening to these sessions in the privacy of their home and you will, too.

Here is what you do – Listen to each session at least 5 times. Pick a time when you can relax and sit or lay down.


First thing in the morning or when you go to bed are the best times. I listen to them when I get up to go to the bathroom at 2 AM. I listen to them and go back to sleep while I have them on. It won’t matter if you sleep through them – your subconscious mind will hear the information.

You will be happy to know that this tried and tested hypnosis program is based on an approach to weight management that I have successfully used during my one-on-one hypnosis sessions with my clients. While the one-on-one sessions are individualized, if you have the motivation and desire to succeed at your weight loss goals, you now have all the tools you need in this 4-week program. Here is what you get when you use each one of the 30-minute sessions – You get a simple and easy to follow model for using hypnosis to find and resolve your core issues that are responsible for keeping the weight on your body!

Session titles include; “Become aware of your body/mind connection”, “What the mind can conceive the body will achieve”, “Trust your natural appetite and eliminate emotionally driven food cravings”, “Set your appetite at the right level for your body and lifestyle”, “Eliminate unhealthy food additions and alter eating patterns to reach and maintain desired weight”, and “See yourself in your new, healthy and attractive body.”

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