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‘Dr. Bunny’, as she is called, is a board-certified clinical Hypnotherapist who has been helping her clients to reduce or eliminate their old and unhealthy habits for more than two decades.

‘Dr. Bunny’ uses Hypnotherapy and relaxation, plus a generous measure of common sense and professional counsel, to achieve lasting positive results. 
”Really, what I do is un-hypnotize you from the old habits and fears that have been holding you back”, she says.

Think about this: most of us were trained, as children or early in life, to march to a certain drumbeat. We were trained that way. The problem is that those habits become ingrained in your memory and are hard to outgrow. They can, in fact, actually harm you.

For example, you may have been admonished, as an underweight child, to “Clean your plate!” That might have been good advice back then, but it’s a bad habit now—particularly if your goal is to shed excess pounds and keep them off!”

“Or, perhaps as a child, you were seldom acknowledged or, even worse, abused. Your feelings of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence became negative baggage on your journey through life. You may even feel uncomfortable to the point of panic when asked to make a public presentation to your service organization, company staff, or to corporate management.”

“One of my clients, an attorney, used to panic every time he had to go to court! After a session or two, we discovered his mother had forced him to listen to his family, for hours on end, while they took turns and downgraded his speech. Verbal abuse. Given that insight, we could then enable him to release his feelings of being ‘less than’ and help him to pursue his career with confidence.”

Whatever the issues might be, Dr. Bunny offers confidential sessions to help you break through the negative habits and enable you to move on to live a better life.

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111

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