Bunny_Greg_WeddingWe know that by changing ourselves, we can impact and change the world around us. The biggest impact we can have is by healing ourselves. When we heal ourselves we can be role models for those watching us, and inspire them to new heights.

You deserve to have a healthy and abundant relationship with those you care about.

When you have a healthy relationship, it will not only help you in your personal life, it will benefit you in your professional life as well.

As your counselor, I will help you clearly identify what is near and dear to your heart. This will be the foundation of your personal growth and success.

If you want to be great at anything, you are your instrument – you’ve got to become great at being you. Anything that has held you back, limited beliefs, or behaviors that don’t serve, anything that has kept you stuck, broken, insecure or in shame, or having low self esteem will be addressed and healed. We are developing you to be your personal best – and be happy.  Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Marriage is not the only type of relationship that may require healing. Boyfriends and girlfriends, brothers and sisters, parents and children, even business partners may need help developing coping methods that will enable them to interact effectively.

Dr. Bunny is an Ordained Minister and offers confidential counseling to individuals, couples and families.


Types of Counseling can include (but not limited) to:

Individual Counseling
Child Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Grief Counseling
Family Counseling
Relationship Counseling
Group Counseling
Teen Counseling
Divorce Counseling
Career Counseling
Professionals Counseling
Sports & Athletic Counseling

And More!

To discuss your needs confidentially, call  Dr. Bunny today at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:

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copyright © 2014 . all rights reserved.

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