Tip of the Month – Setting Goals

Over the years, I have met thousands of people who have wanted to achieve all kinds of wonderful goals for themselves and even for others. Yet, very few actually act on those desires.


These goals are not beyond their abilities. These are not goals which are impossible to achieve, like breathing water or sprouting wings to fly. These are goals which everyday people achieve everyday, like quitting smoking, going to the gym to exercise, starting a new career, being a more passionate lover and so on.

So why do so many people not act upon these goals which they so very much want? Very simply, it is the thoughts that begin to swim around in their minds that hold them back.

Have you truly ever taken the time to sit alone with yourself? I mean alone. No TV, No books. No radio. No distractions, just you and your thoughts. Try this sometime.

Spend an hour with yourself and see if you can say that you truly enjoy your own company. Are your thoughts full of encouragement and adventure or do you find your thoughts to be like that nagging person you work with, the one that is always complaining and finding at least two things wrong with every subject that is brought up?
How can I achieve a goal if, in my mind, I have already failed before I have even taken the first step?
I wonder if babies would even learn to walk if they thought about falling down before taking that first step. A baby stands up and moves forward with sheer determination. All that this baby knows is that he is going to get from where he is standing now to where he has his mind set to be. Sure he may fall down a few times trying to get there, but he knows without a doubt that he will get there.

This happens everyday, all over the world.

Are you having trouble losing weight?
Are you always saying that you will start exercising tomorrow?
Do you catch yourself dreaming of a new career? Do you feel that there is something holding you back?
If you answered yes, are you willing to overcome these obstacles?
If you answered yes, when would be a good time to do this?
Would NOW be a good time to take action?

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