Tip of the Month – Ready to Lose Weight?

As anyone who’s tried to manage their weight knows, taking off the pounds and keeping them off can be a challenge.
People who have successfully achieved their weight-loss goals say a combination of a few key factors helped them stay motivated.

Read and discuss the following 10 points to find out how prepared you are to lose weight.
Check the answers that most apply to you.
1. Reasons
I know why I want to lose weight at this time. I don’t have specific reasons for losing weight; I just believe that I should. I haven’t thought about specific reasons for losing weight.

2. Responsibility
I feel in control of whether I achieve the weight I desire. At times, I do not feel in control of whether I can achieve the weight I desire. I never feel in control of whether I can achieve the weight I desire.

3. Dieting Process
I think that losing weight will take time and will not always be easy. I think it is possible to shed my unwanted weight quickly, without problems. I have not thought in detail about the dieting process.

4. Food
I enjoy the foods I choose to eat. I feel like I’m cheating if I enjoy food too much. I do not enjoy food.

5. Exercise
I know how I will incorporate exercise into my life (or have already done it). I know that I should be physically active, but am unsure how to incorporate it into my life. I have not thought about my exercise plan.

6. Self Image
Overall, I like myself. I do not have many positive feelings about myself. Overall, I do not really like myself.

7. Support system
I have a good support system of friends, family, and/or professional help that I can talk to about my weight issues. There are a few people in my life that support me in my weight-loss efforts, but I wish I had more.
I don’t feel there is anyone I can talk to about my weight-loss concerns and goals.

8. Life in order
My work and personal lives are stable enough for me to make my weight management goals a high priority. Because of my work and personal lives, it is often difficult to make weight management a priority.
My work and personal lives make it seem impossible to focus on weight management now.

9. Tracking Progress
I will keep a record of my progress toward my weight management goals. I’m not sure if keeping a record is really necessary. I’m not interested in keeping a record of my progress toward my weight management goals.

10. Attitude and commitment
I can reach a healthier weight and maintain it. I hope to reach a healthier weight, but feel I could fail. I privately doubt that I can reach and maintain a healthier weight.

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