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Forgetting is a part of life. We forget 99% of everything that enters our head and we can be thankful that this happens. If all of our thoughts, impressions and ideas stayed with us our minds would become hopelessly cluttered. We would be unable to retrieve important facts buried under mountains of trivia.

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t been frustrated by not being about to retrieve useful information, names, directions, what we came in the room for…. It is safe to say that, after Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and Stress management, Memory Improvement are the areas that most people will see Hypnotherapy services for. And, why not? Since the seat of the memory is the subconscious mind (The Hypnotherapist’s field of expertise).

Hypnotherapy for memory and concentration is a natural and it works (when done by a professional).
How does memory work? Simply stated, memory is nothing more than a basic record of the events that have been picked up by our nervous system. Even single-celled animals can store information. But, how is memory stored and how do they come out of storage to form a sentence or a golf swing?

While there is no consensus on WHAT memory is, experts do agree on WHY memory is selected for retention or allowed to evaporate. Apparently, a piece of information passes through 3 stages before it can be stored over a long period.

1. Most of the ongoing flood of sensory impressions, conversations, sensations of touch, smell and taste (and so on) linger in the mind for only a few seconds before they SEEM to vanish. Most researchers believe these memories may, in fact, be stored to resurface through dreams and recall under hypnosis.

2. The second stage of memory is called short-term memory. What is special about about thoughts that are allowed t stage? They are selected for storage because you invest your attention in them. Your interest, or alarm, or delight, makes the difference. If the memory is not used soon, it is probably soon forgotten. An example of this might be the plot of a television show or what you wore, yesterday. Memories that will not be of use to you in the days and months and years ahead

3. If short-term memory is like a desktop upon which we sort out the invaluable information, then the next state, long-term memory, can be thought of as the file. When things go wrong at stage 3, you are unable to pull stored information out of your mental file. An example of this is the ‘tip of the tongue’ phenomenon. Everyone has had the experience of knowing something well enough but not being able to access it – no small source of frustration when taking a test or introducing two friends. Older people may find that retrieval becomes increasingly difficult.

Retrieval problems are referred to as ‘blocks’. There are three main types of blocks; emotional blocks which are used to protect our selves from unpleasant or painful memories, mechanical blocks which occur when material is gathered incorrectly or is misunderstood. Another mechanical block may occur when the mind is preoccupied by a number of competing thoughts and physical blocks.

Physical blocks may be the work of poor diet, illness, fatigue or stress. An injury to the head, drugs or alcohol are other examples of possible physical blocks. Most of these blocks can be over come. Other blocks may be permanent – blindness, deafness, senility and Alzheimer’s disease and damage to the brain, itself.

One of the most reliable uses of Hypnotherapy is in the field of student studying and test taking. For most of us the use of Hypnotherapy can greatly reduce anxiety concerning tests and examinations. There are many types of test anxieties. Such as, fear of tests, freezing and forgetting material that “you know you know” but cannot recall during a test, confidence problems, and mental blocks that sabotage testing performance. The relaxation of the hypnotic trance itself lowers anxiety and lets your body, mind, and mind- body relearn a positive, confident and comfortable response to taking tests. It has been used successfully to treat test-taking anxiety at the high school, college, graduate, and professional board examination levels.

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