Migraine Headaches

By Bunny Vreeland, Ph.D.

Are severe headaches ruining your life?
Is the pain from your migraine headache so intense that you’re nauseous? Are you avoiding light and sound, trying to remain as still as possible until the pain subsides? Have you tried strong prescription medication to deal with your pain, only to find that it sometimes it barely helps or even makes your nausea worse?
Millions of people worldwide suffer from severe migraine headaches. Are you one of them?
For years I suffered from severe migraine headaches. There were times when I would be in such painfrom the headaches that I would pass out. I went to many doctors and not one of them could find the cause, much less the cure. I tried all kinds of pills and potions and felt like a walking zombie most of the time a walking zombie with a stabbing pain over my right eye.

Most average, over-the-counter, painkillers will do very little to alleviate pain when you have a severe migraine, and prescription drugs may feel like your only option. However, Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my severe migraine headaches, without the use of any drugs, potions or pills. Let me show you how Hypnotherapy can help you, too.

Studies have shown Hypnotherapy has the ability to reduce the effects of stress, and it’s not surprising that stress plays a very big role in migraine headaches. You may have heard of the mind/body connection. It’s a powerful connection! Simply put, your state of mind can directly affect your health.

Scientists believe that Hypnotherapy affects the body’s regulation of involuntary reactions that are normally beyond a person’s control, by acting upon the unconscious. A board certified, registered Clinical Hypnotherapist can help put these responses in the patient’s control.

Both tension and migraine headaches respond well to Hypnotherapy. The deep relaxed state of hypnosis stimulates the release of serotonin and promotes pain relief. Serotonin is your body’s natural feel good chemical.

In 1958, Hypnotherapy was approved by the American Medical Association as a valid medical treatment. Hypnotherapy can certainly be a valuable tool when dealing with a wide range of medical issues, according to studies from the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and the British Medical Association.

While searching for answers on migraine headaches, please keep these important facts in mind:
• Stress can be the trigger for a severe migraine headache. Hypnotherapy can help you release stress.
• Hypnotherapy has a well-documented ability to relieve pain of virtually all degrees and types.
• The National Institutes of Health has recommended hypnotherapy as a treatment for chronic pain since 1995.

Let Hypnotherapy be your key to optimum health and wellness!

Dr. Bunny Vreeland, Ventura County Hypnotherapist.  Dr. Bunny Vreeland serves Camarillo, Oxnard ,Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Moorpark and Santa Paula, California.  Bunny Vreeland provides hypnotherapy solutions for weight loss, smoking cessation, IBS, fibromyalgia, stress relief, and more.

Dr. Bunny Vreeland can be reached at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

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