Hypnosis Treatment of Migraines

By Bunny Vreeland, Ph.D.

For years I was one of the top Image Consultants in the nation. Those were the days when having your colors done was the thing to do and everyone was doing it. I worked with the staff at banks, car dealerships, country clubs, financial houses and wineries as well as one-on-one clientele.

Those were also the days I used to suffer from Migraine Headaches and allergies. There were times when I would be in such pain from the headaches that I would pass out. And, I was allergic to everything cats, roses (ROSES, I LOVE roses!) dust mites (do you have any idea how many dust mites there are in a pillow?), mold, mildew, grass (Wouldn’t you know? I was married, then, and we lived on a golf course!)

I went to a lot of doctors who couldn’t find the cause and couldn’t cure me. I tried everything – all kinds of pills, potions and, even, shots. I was a walking zombie most of the time. That is, a walking zombie with swollen eyes and a stabbing pain over my right eye.

One day I was standing in line at a Barnes and Noble bookstore waiting to pay for some music tapes when I noticed a relaxation tape that promised to reduce stress. I bought the tape, started listening to it and, after a while, I noticed that I hadn’t had an allergic reaction or a headache for a long time. Although I didn’t know what happened or why. I didn’t know until much later that this tape was a Hypnotherapy tape.

Hypnotherapy is often thought to be therapy that only affects the mind, but as mind and body are inseparably joined, hypnosis can also help physical ailments. During a state of hypnosis, consciousness is not lost, it becomes more selective, and typically a hypnosis patient becomes aware of internal processes rather than the outside world’s distractions.

Hypnotherapy has been approved by the American Medical Association as a valid medical treatment since 1958, though the concept of using a state of hypnosis to alleviate both physical and mental ills has recurred throughout the history of medicine from ancient times. By reaching the subconscious level of the mind, hypnotherapy can be used to alter the way a person consciously perceives health problems, and also promote new manners of response to them.

As a Medical Hypnotherapist, I have helped a number of clients in eliminating the symptoms of migraines, including headache, nausea, vomiting, irritability, and sensitivity to light, sounds, or motion. Hypnosis can also be used to reduce visual disturbance known as aura, which according to WebMD may accompany twenty percent of all migraines.

Lisa, a single mother, explains, I had migraines for eighteen years. I tried everything. I went to tons of neurologists and specialty clinics. After one hypnosis session with Dr. Bunny, my migraines went down 99%. I still have symptoms of migraines, like auras, but I have no pain.

In treating migraines, most doctors prescribe pain-relieving medications and drugs developed to prevent migraines however these are temporary band-aids and are not designed to address the underlying issues or causes of migraines. Lisa shares, I kept holding faith that I’d get my life back. When a well known neurologist told me my only hope was to get on morphine for the rest of my life, I thought to myself, you’re only hope is not my only hope. At that time I had a six month old child. I didn’t take his words as gospel. Imagine what my life would be like on morphine; I wouldn’t have a life.

How is stress related to migraines? WebMD states that stress can make you more vulnerable to migraines. During a migraine, brain signals trigger the release of chemicals that alter blood vessel dilation. These signals also activate inflammation in the brain, which can lead to a migraine headache.

Stress is a component of all physical ailments. Hypnosis, as a part of any wellness and stress reduction program, provides a means of relaxation and counteracting daily stress. I offer a free Stress Reduction session on my website. And I give all my clients a free Stress Reduction CD, which they can listen to at night and relax. You may also go to my website and take a stress test, The Stress Quiz: How Stressed Are You?

Lisa has found the Stress Reduction CD to be wonderful for both her and her daughter. “I have my eight-year-old daughter listen to it. She not only learned how to go to sleep at night, because she gets insomnia. She also knows how to use it when gets stressed about school. It’s simple enough. It’s easy enough for an eight-year-old.

Dr. Bunny is a former model and award winning image consultant. When her own allergies and migraine headaches disappeared using hypnotherapy she was hooked! She earned her PhD in clinical Hypnotherapy with a specialty in IBS. Featured on radio and television, Dr. Bunny is an experienced speaker and has authored many articles for newspapers and magazines, and is working on a book illustrating how the mind impacts our behavior.

Dr. Bunny Vreeland can be reached at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com


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