Nov 2009

Latest scientific research shows that we can lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, and reduce risks of cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and live longer. How, you ask? Simply by making a few lifestyle changes. Hypnosis can help make those changes easier.

Since it is your intention to grow younger and live longer, the most important thing you can do is to think younger.

Your mind controls your body … Your body mirrors your thoughts … it has no choice … Your mind, a field a thoughts and ideas … are the sole influence over the energy molecules in your body … and therefore a young mind will help you to transform your body into a younger
looking body …

In my ANTI-AGING Hypnotherapy sessions, I’m going to show you some very advanced tools you can use to slow down the rate at which you age. The more slowly you age, the more youthful you remain. This cannot only extend your life but also save you from suffering from “old age” disease and disability. It will also help you look and feel years younger.

When I talk on Anti-aging, I have learned to clarify one thing first. Anti-aging is not the same thing as life extension. Aging is the process by which you gradually weaken and lose function. Anti-aging seeks to understand this process and intervene to preserve youthful characteristics.

Welcome to my Eight Life Changing, Anti Aging Sessions:

1.The Dream of a Long Life
2. Mindfulness Meditation
3. Strengthen Your Immune System
4. Youthful Body
5. Think Younger
6. Self Love
7. Face Lift
8. Energize Your Body

To find out more or to set up an appointment for the eight sessions, email me at Bunn@BunnyVreeland.com or call me at 805-984-1237.

Once again, I thought I was coming here to learn how to quit smoking. Yes, I did quit. And I learned WHY I smoked. I was addicted to those reasons as much as the cigs.”
Charlene Sargent

“My dentist told me to go to Bunny to stop chewing tobacco. I think I was one of her worst challenges. I am in construction and everyone I work with chews. Bunny said she would work with me until I stopped and she did.”
Ed Mendelson

“I went to a group Stop Smoking session at a local hotel where a hypnotist promised we would quit. My daughter went with me and she did stop. But I didn’t. Then, I went to Bunny and I stopped smoking after 3 sessions. So, now, both my daughter and I are non-smokers.”
Ruth Luppas

“Thank you, Bunny, for helping me with my smoking habit. Listening to your CD at night also helped me to relax and sleep better than I have for years”.
Ruth Harris
Ventura, CA

“I have smoked for almost 30 years, and I never thought I could quit. I tried everything. Patches, gum and even the shots! I didn’t think this would work, either, but I was desperate. I am amazed. It has been 2 years and I haven’t had a cigarette. I can’t believe it! This works!”
Mary Sperling
Ventura, CA

“I first went to Bunny to quit smoking, which I did after 3 sessions. When I discovered she works with IBS I was excited because I have been suffering with IBS since I lived in Puerto Rico. After 4 sessions my symptoms were 90% under control and now I have had no symptoms for over a year. And, I haven’t had a cigarette, either.”
Mona Rae
Santa Barbara, CA
“Great News! Smoke free on my second week and no problems. I have never lasted 2 days without a cigarette, let alone 2 weeks!”
Tim McCarthy
Camarillo, CA

“After smoking for 30 years and trying to quit on my own numerous times, I have finally become smoke-free, thanks to Bunny Vreeland.”
Michelle Briley
Ojai, CA

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