Sep 2009

Feeling stessed?

Most of us are.

Take the Free Stress Reduction Quiz and, then, listen to my Free Stress Reduction Session at http://bunnyvreeland.com

The Stress Quiz

How Stressed Are You?

Answer the following questions.

Then follow the self-scoring instructions to find out how stressed you are.

1. Do you tire more easily these days?

2. Are you easily irritated when driving?
3. Are you generally easily irritated?
4. Are you working harder and accomplishing less?
5. Do you feel fatigued and less energetic?
6. Cynical and disenchanted?
7. Are you sad but can’t pinpoint why?
8. Having trouble sleeping?
9. Forgetting appointments, promises, deadlines?
10. Do you feel tired upon awakening?
11. Do you have less and less time for friends and family?
12. Too busy to do routine things?
13. Are aches and pains bothering you?
14. Are you unable to listen to others without interrupting?
15. When the workday is over, do you feel disoriented?
16. Do you rarely laugh at a joke?
17. Do you need medication, drugs or alcohol to feel calm?
18. Do you worry over trivial things?
19. Is it hard for you to concentrate at work?
20. Does sex seem more trouble than it’s worth?
21. Do you find yourself eating just to take the edge off?
22. Do you often find people difficult to deal with?


Give yourself five (5) points for each “Yes” and subtract 1/2 point for each “No.”

If you score less than 10: Congratulations! You are managing stress very well.

11 – 20: Pretty good. You could, however, learn to relax a little more.

21 – 30: There is much in your life that needs to be adjusted.

31 – 40: Serious but salvageable, if you stress-proof now.

41 – 50: Very serious, consider major changes in your attitudes.

51+ Critical. You are in imminent danger of burnout and/or collapse.

Sep 2009

The Dr. Bunny Show—Here’s the Thing

Airing on KKZZ 1400 AM 12-1 pm Monday-Friday

Tune in – Listen in – Call in – 805 639-0008

Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Overweight, Phobias, Lack of Confidence!

These subjects and much more will be discussed on The Dr. Bunny Show—‘Here’s the Thing’….. a  full-hour radio forum airing on Gold Coast Station KKZZ 1400 AM  from 12 noon to 1 PM, Monday through Friday.

We invite to you to call with your questions and problems at 805 639-0008.

Listen to archived shows at  http://www.bunnyvreeland.com/interviews.htm

‘Dr. Bunny’, as she is called, is a board-certified clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been helping her clients to reduce or eliminate their old and unhealthy habits for more than two decades. Dr. Bunny uses Hypnotherapy and ‘relaxation’—plus a generous measure of common sense and professional counsel—to achieve lasting positive results.

“Here’s the Thing,” she says, “most of us were trained as children or early in life to march to a specific drumbeat. The problem is, habits, that become ingrained are hard to outgrow, and can, in fact actually harm you. For example, you may have been admonished as an underweight child to “Clean your plate!”  That might have been good advice then; but it’s a bad habit now—particularly if your goal is to shed excess pounds and keep them off!”

“Or, perhaps as a child, you were seldom acknowledged or, even worse, abused. Your feelings of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence became negative baggage on your journey through life. You may even feel uncomfortable to the point of panic when asked to make a public presentation to your service organization, company staff, or to corporate management.”

“I have one current client, an attorney, who used to panic every time he had to go to court! So, “Here’s the Thing,’ we discovered his mother had forced him to listen to his family for hours while they downgraded his speech. Given that insight, we could then enable him to release his feelings of being ‘less than’ and help him to pursue his career with confidence.”

“Here’s the Thing” is something Doctor Bunny has been saying for years. Now, she can say and discuss it in a uniquely effective way as host of her own radio show. She will be bringing on guests and having one-on-one discussions on issues that people frequently come to her about in her professional practice. Her listeners will be encouraged to phone in their questions or problems anonymously and discuss them openly and honestly with Dr. Bunny and her professional guests.

For more information or to schedule an appointment or interview with Dr. Bunny, call 805 984-1237, email Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com or visit www.BunnyVreeland.com

Sep 2009

It is for anyone who wants to stop smoking, lose weight and become healthier, eliminate fears and phobias, improve sports performance, gain self confidence and self esteem. It may also help those with addictions and sexual concerns as well as those with medical issues such as IBS, pre and post surgery patients. Physical and emotional concerns will also be dealt with. Bunny Vreeland California Hypnotherapist – In the flesh!

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